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How to Get the Perfect Wedding Photos, according to a Wedding Photographer

quick guide to prefect wedding photos

Understanding how to pose for wedding photos will assist couples to look picture-perfect in every still, but the idea of posing may seem challenging. Brides and grooms already have plenty to consider on their wedding day—now we’re adding posing to the lengthy list?
Worry not! According to Garry, the best wedding photographer in California, the trick to pose for wedding photos is to stay natural, breezy and light. The best shots are the ones in which you don’t pose.

Tips for Posing Naturally
The best wedding videography company has seen areas, where the couple needs help, is when posing candid throughout the wedding. One of the most common problems? Ending a candid, real moment too promptly. We always tell our couples if they’re likely to do something or sway naturally, don’t hesitate. Often, I have couples laughing and smiling flawlessly, and then they retrieve we are there and stop to ensure they’re in the proper place. Just keep going! If you don’t look great, the photographer will tell you.

Another question we get asked all the time is, “what to with our hands?” While doing what comes naturally is vital for wedding photography poses, Garry says there are a few dos and don’ts for arm position—and yes, it all boils down to loosening. “Don’t press your arms too tightly with your body,” he says. “If the bride wants to carry a bouquet, she must hold her arms comfortable and elongated. Holding her elbows tightly into her body can make her arms less favourable.”

If you are going for those group shots with arms around each other, we suggest keeping the arms low and around the waist, not shoulders, which will lead to the stressed and stretched fabric.

Candid shots that seize personality are perfect, but creating those beautiful, innocent poses such as smiling in a garden or laughing under the sunset may seem breathtaking. You can use some of our silly tricks that work for almost every couple there. If it’s sensible, do a tiny butt squeeze. The giggles from that are marvellous. Or, just look in your partner’s eyes for 20 seconds straight. Undoubtedly one of you will start giggling! Or, say something that is very personal to both of you in the ear; the smile will be unique.
Let’s head to some of the famous wedding photo poses to remember for your big day.

1. Admiring the Dress
Brides spend months and years (some also a lifetime!) looking for that perfect dress. That’s why photographers choose to catch the moment as she adores her dress moments before putting it on.

2. Tying the Bow Tie
The best wedding videography company adores seizing significant moments during wedding prep, such as tying the tie to the groom. Related snaps cover lacing shoes, fastening the watch and buttoning the suit jacket.

3. The First Look
The wedding day’s first look is one of the most valuable photographs, but you shouldn’t even think about the cinematographer at that instant. Rather, let the time reveal while genuinely hugging the emotions (tears and smiles), remembering the photographer will catch every aspect along the way.

4. The Twirl
Wedding dresses are gorgeous from every angle, but they evolve to life when you twirl. For this pose, the bride twirls around, mostly like a ballerina. The ultimate picture is dazzling and complete with action.

5. Candid Laughter
Genuine laughter always looks great on camera. Photographers tend to recommend these moments most during prep time and couple and wedding party portraits.

6. The Forehead Kiss
One of the numerous photogenic kisses is a soft peck on the forehead, making the bride blush naturally. Photographers usually request at least some of these gentle poses while posing for portrait-type photos.

7. The Wind-Blown Veil
Whether it’s a breezy day or not, camerapersons will want to benefit from that beautiful veil with some artistic poses. Several photographers will have their partner lift then drop the veil as the pair steals a kiss. This aesthetic shot looks right out of a magazine!

8. The Stroll
The stroll captures some of the most memorable times between the couple. This pose works throughout, from a road to a field. And it works just as fabulous in pictures as it does in the wedding video.

9. The Subtle Glance
Wedding photographers prefer to capture a subtle glance at the camera. Keep this photogenic pose during the day, from preparations to couple portraits, as well as bridal pictures.

10. The Cake Cutting
The cake cutting can both be posed or candid and is one of the various iconic marriage moments. The catering team will present the cutting tools and guidance while the best wedding photographer in California seizes everything from that first cut to the first nibble.

Hope you find these tips worthy and contact us to book the best wedding videography company for your wedding day.

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