pre wedding photography

This pre-wedding photography was done on a perfect day, just like the couple!

The event started by taking blessings from the divine, where we captured the cam and peaceful candid of the family. Pre-wed shoots are so much fun that we suggest that every couple must do them! The entire event is so natural and candid.

We had a beautiful homely environment, golden sunlight falling upon the greenery with their loved ones right beside their side! Our professional photography services loved to capture this beautiful engagement ceremony at the stunning location. It was a beautiful day and we got some marvellous shots of the family- capturing funny, emotional and warm moments. The album was a mix of natural and off-camera flash snap shooting.

The colourful attires of the family added perfectly to the joyous celebration. We got loads of wide-angle and portraits of the event.

The evening ended with lots of fun, dancing and marvellous food.
Do scroll down to see beautiful images shot by Garry, wedding videographer California.

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