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Partially, I am documenting Indian group photos as a wedding photographer friend questioned us lately, “Specifically, how do you proceed about managing such big groups of family and friends at an Indian marriage.” Also, as an Indian Wedding Photographer New York, I believe that one of the essential elements of Indian weddings is the family picture feature.

This is definitely a fair question, and often the Indian brides ask us about the most suitable strategy. Let’s face it. A big fat Indian wedding is like a fairy tale coming true! Occasionally the guest total is over 1000 people, and it can be overwhelming! Managing and arranging the classic Indian family pictures is vital for success.

Here are our recommendations for both brides and photographers:

  1. Understand who you will capture a few days before the wedding day. Indian Wedding Photographer New York recommends asking the bride and groom for a list as it is key to a stress-free getting through the family picture session.
  2. Assign a significant family member from both sides of the family to help you call out the names as, certainly, you cannot remember all the members of a family.
  3. Remove any remains from the mandap. This is beyond critical for suitable pictures and will save time and energy in the future while editing the family pictures. Water bottles, paper towel rolls, paper bags, and ice cream dishes can cover the ceremony once the marriage is over. For a videographer, the challenge is to blend setting up for family photos and empty the mandap simultaneously. Request for help from the wedding coordinators or bride’s maids. They are generally glad to help. It will get you a more pleasing final photo and is a lovely position for everyone.
  4. Ask the loved ones of the bride and groom to stand a little away from the stage. If they stand in front of the stage, you will have to put hours of editing out people that are not relevant to the pictures.
  5. Control your anxiety as an Indian Wedding Photographer New York. It is challenging to manage hundreds of people, but it can be accomplished. If you feel awkward with providing firm direction at these points, make sure you have assigned the job to someone else!
  6. Everyone who won’t be in the pictures can go for lunch or cocktail hour, depending on your wedding hours. Getting the photo session going can be challenging when the entire room stays and chats and likes to hug the bride! 
  7. At Indian weddings, the family members and guests will give gifts and blessings to the bride while capturing photos. This adds time to each group picture, improving the family sessions. Have someone stand at all sides of the stage with a basket to carry the gifts and thank them from the bride and groom’s side. Preferably a dear fellow from both sides of the family.
  8. Last but not least, you need to be patient as an Indian Wedding Photographer New York! Everyone was sitting for the various-hour ceremony. You will get tired, and so will the groom and bride. You may have begun snapping at 5:00 am, and this is your third day. Indian weddings are supposed to be like this! Stay alive and keep up the positivity.

As an Indian Wedding Photographer New York, I am always there to assist you with any complex questions or situations. Look at our wedding packages and contact us to know about the different pricing and deals. We pre-book the dates in advance! Leave a comment or send us an inquiry if you like to learn more.



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