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Of course, you want to discover a visionary and best wedding videography company for your wedding day—but you even like to spend your money with caution. 

So we’re here to smash it all for you so that you can figure out the best way to make the most out of your money.

Packages by the best wedding videography company

A wedding videography package will answer the most fundamental questions about a videographer’s benefits. Who will be attending the wedding, for what duration, and what sort of equipment will they employ?

  • Hours of Coverage

We all comprehend the term “time is money.” The more a videographer spends time at your wedding, the payment is additional. And that’s pretty much how wedding videography packages work. Numerous videographers present several packages, individually determining the amount of time they’ll capture your wedding day—a 4-hour package, an 8-hour package, or a ten-hour package, for instance. 

  • Number of Videographers

Videographers often work solo, but some bring an assistant to capture various angles, assist with lighting, etc. Videography companies have less costly packages with one photographer and more expensive packages that contain an assistant. One videographer may be sufficient for a smaller wedding budget, but it’s better to have at least two best wedding videographers in USA for most weddings.

  • Equipment

You may notice details about a videographer’s equipment in the offered wedding videography package, like cameras and audio gear. Every videographer will bring at least two cameras to shoot a wedding, even when they are working alone. This is vital so a videographer can capture different angles of the ceremony. You must ask about the microphones – the type of audio gear that they will bring. If audio equipment is not detailed in the wedding package, make sure to ask the best wedding videographers in USA about it—you desire to capture the most accurate sound as unobtrusively as you wish.

Final Products by the best wedding videography company

 Deliverables refer to precisely what you’ll obtain from your videographers after the wedding. That can be unedited footage, an edited video, or a combination of both. 

  • Highlights

A highlight video is the most prevalent wedding videography offered these days. Generally, a short, 5–10-minute video with background music shows the day’s most vital moments. This is the wedding video you’ll probably watch the most and share with your near and dear. It’s lengthy enough to display the day’s highlights but not overly long so that you lose interest.

  • Feature-Length Video

This is a lengthier wedding video with an edited version of all your rituals. It’s usually one to two hours long, and it will depend on your videographer. A few feature-length videos are similar to documentaries, whereas others have a better cinematic feeling. Do look at some samples from your videographer to know about their style!

  • Raw Footage

Some videographers provide all of the unedited, raw footage from your big day in their wedding videography packages, while others may price it separately. This footage is usually several hours long, but you’ll be able to see every moment of your wedding.

  • Video Format

You’ll also want to learn how your wedding videos will be given to you. Blu-Ray, DVDs, USB drives, Dropbox or Vimeo links are popular choices. Obtaining a digital copy is best, as you won’t have to get extra DVDs to share with family and friends.

  • Teaser or Trailer

For the social-media-savvy couple, a teaser video is generally shorter (about a minute long) and can be readily shared on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. The Best Indian videographer in California can usually deliver this before your ultimate edited wedding video, like a movie trailer of the full-fledged wedding video. 

  • Same-Day Edit

Can’t you just wait to catch a glimpse of your final wedding video? In the same-day edit, an editor will make a highlight video featuring the pre-wedding and wedding ceremony so that you can share it during your reception.

  • Drone Footage

Drones are a popular trend these days, and if a large outdoor setting for marriage will make the drone shots worth it. The overhead footage delivers a striking outlook to your day and gives an eye-catching detail to your final video. 


Contact the best Indian videographer in California to know a little more about our wedding packages. 

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