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11 Key Tips for Finding the Best Wedding Videographers in the USA

11 tips to hire a prefect wedding videographer

Do you want to hire a perfect wedding videographer in your town? We’ve compiled some great tips to help you find the right person to make a memorable wedding film. Here are 11 key tips for finding the best wedding videographers in USA

  1. Choose a professional.Your wedding is the time when all your laughing friends and family circle you, and to find out what was said and see people communicating is valuable. All the time, money, and energy going into your professional shoot is a judiciously modest investment that you can treasure for a lifetime.
  2. Pick a local videographer.Hire someone who has already shot at the area and worked with the local merchants to get a good film. An expert familiar with sunlight in that area, shot angles that will work, and when the sun sets are vital factors in producing the best wedding film possible.
  3. Look at their portfolio and reviews on several sites.
    The top videographers can bring out the best videos even when things don’t go perfectly, like timing, lighting, weather, and many other things.
  4. Understand the technique you like.The three prominent video styles are:
    • Candid: It is a professionally shot house film that focuses on candid moments. More about shots of guests smiling, speeches, actual audio, and synergies among people, these films have an organic feel with background music.
    • Music video: It concentrates on cinematic captures with many time-shifting moments blended with effects and songs with lyrics. It has little or no audio like vows, speeches, etc.
    • Cinematic Story Telling: Being the best of both worlds, this one is our favorite. A visual production, good-quality music but with the feel of the Candid style combined with stunning cinematic shots and the warm sense of the big day.
  5. Pick a videographer if you love their style and films.
    Once you hire them, please don’t send them videos by other videographers- don’t try to tamper with their style.
  6. Plan personal segments.
    Personal vows, whether you exchange them during your first look or during the ceremony or exchange cards to be read out loud- helps the videographer tell your unique story.
  7. Know your videographer’s turn-around time for the Films.
    Our contracts clearly mention the amount of time we will take to make the video. Don’t have the nightmare of hunting down your videographer months or years following the wedding.
  8. Videos must use licensed music.
    Take the help of licensing sites for original music, but we think using a personalized theme will add magic to your Film.
  9. Final edit options.
    There are various options for the final delivery; here are some basic delivery alternatives.
    • Trailer/Teaser, a video that is a minute or two perfect to fit on Instagram or other social media platforms. 
    • Highlight films have three to six minutes of the warm and loving moments of your big day. It is the best video for weddings that have no reception or with minimum speeches.
    • Short Films is an eight to ten-minute video balancing the visual engagement of the shorter films with speeches and content that will tell the entire story of your big day. 
    • Feature Film This is great to get completely into your day and story twelve minutes and more prolonged. The feature paired with a trailer is an excellent option, so you have both versions for those who want the entire Film and those who wish to see the best moments.
  10. Leave it to the experts.
    Most guests are enthusiastic photographers, iPad users, or are a little over-eager to shoot your function. So, ask someone to request the guests to let the hired photographers take the photos and videos before the ceremony. You don’t want a rosy iPad in view to win your video while you come down through the aisle! 
  11. Timing.
    Videography has several more moving segments than photography, from the tripods to drones to lights and several other gears. We rely massively on the timeline to make sure we can shoot everything that is happening and also the things that are coming in the future. Multiple things happen at once in a marriage, like a bride getting into her gown, the groom getting prepared, and the finished ceremony place is ready for filming- we take the help of a detailed timeline making use of your wedding planner months before the actual wedding. This helps us not to miss any crucial moments.

Now, remember these tips before hiring a videographer for your wedding and to save you from all the hassle- just get in touch with the best wedding photographer in california! Garry Films knows how a good video can be a cherry on the top of your wedding day.

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